What is progesterone?

  • A hormone naturally made by your body during pregnancy.
  • It can lower the risk of premature birth.
    How do I know if I’m at risk for premature birth?

  • Have you had a premature baby before (born before the 37th week of pregnancy)?
  • Were you told you have a short cervix (the lower end of the womb)?
  • Have you had surgery on your cervix?
    Other risk factors for having a premature birth include:

  • Low pre-pregnancy weight
  • Poor nutrition
  • Smoking
  • Illegal drug use
  • aving a multiple pregnancy-twins, triplets, etc.
  • Getting pregnant less than 6 months after a miscarriage
  • Getting pregnant less than 18 months after giving birth
    What can I do?

  • Ask your doctor, nurse or midwife about how progesterone treatment can lower the chance your baby will be born early.
    When to take progesterone?

  • Starting at 16 weeks and continuing until the 36th week of the pregnancy.
    How to take progesterone?

  • A weekly shot given at home or at your doctor’s office OR
  • You place a suppository in your vagina every night before bed

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