Empowering Moms

Empowering Moms is a support group for pregnant and parenting women. It was developed by the Resource Mothers Program at Mercy Health to improve birth outcomes for women in the community at risk for infant death or for delivering early or low birth weight babies.

Black babies in Ohio are dying at two times the rate of white babies. Increasing support for these pregnant and parenting women has been identified as one important approach to help address the chronic stress that contributes to these uneven birth outcomes.

Empowering Moms gives women in the Resource Mothers Program a network of social support, educational tools, and community resources. Women participating in the group meet weekly in a comfortable environment to discuss previously chosen topics, such as budgeting, domestic violence, infant safety, self-esteem, goal setting, and anger management. Refreshments are also served.

Empowering Moms is held every Thursday from 1-3 PM at the Arlington Heights Recreation Center.

For more information about Empowering Moms, please call 330-480-2604.

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