Birth Spacing

What is Birth Spacing?
Birth Spacing is when a woman waits a minimum of 18 months from her last delivery to become pregnant again.
Why should I be concerned with Birth Spacing?
– Having babies too close together is a significant risk factor for babies being born too soon and too small.

  • Low birth weight/ preterm babies may struggle with respiratory distress, heart problems, sleep apnea, jaundice, anemia, chronic lung disorders, infections, and developmental delays.
  • Babies born on time and at healthy weights have a better chance of growing well and avoiding sickness.
  • Babies who are born underweight face a higher risk of disabilities.
    – Waiting 18 months allows a woman to completely heal from her previous pregnancy. This helps to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby as well as an easier delivery and recovery.

  • Women with high blood pressure and/or diabetes are more likely to deliver a baby too soon if she becomes pregnant again in less than 18 months.
  • Women face a much higher risk of placental abruption and placenta previa when Birth Spacing is not observed.

    Observing Birth Spacing helps to ensure a healthy pregnancy.
    Wait 18 months from delivery to conceive your next bundle of joy.
    You and your little one will both be happy you did!

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