Safe Sleep

• Always put babies to sleep Alone, on their Backs, in an empty Crib.
• Use a firm sleep surface and fitted sheet.
• NO blankets, bumper pads or toys.
• DO NOT allow baby to sleep with an adult or child in a bed, couch or chair.
• After breastfeeding, return baby to his crib.
• You may offer a dry pacifier, with NO strings or clips.
• NO smoking near baby.
• Provide TUMMY TIME for your baby to play while awake to assist with development.


Empowering Moms

Pregnant and parenting women are encouraged to join Empowering Moms, a program that:
• Brings at-risk moms together to discuss their interests and life barriers and to share their goals for a brighter future for themselves and their family.
• Increases awareness of community resources.
• Encourages socialization.
• For more information about Empowering Moms, please call 330-480-2604



• Ask your doctor, nurse or midwife about how progesterone treatment can lower the chance your baby will be born early.
Progesterone is a hormone naturally made by your body during pregnancy that can lower the risk of preterm birth.


Birth Spacing

• Having babies too close together is a significant risk factor for babies being born too soon and too small.
• To allow time for the body to heal and prepare for a healthy pregnancy, it is recommended that women postpone becoming pregnant again for at least 18 months following a birth.
• Talk to your provider about methods that can be used to improve birth spacing.



CenteringPregnancy® is a better way to get prenatal care. You will:
• Have more time with your provider.
• Participate more in your healthcare.
• Learn more about pregnancy.
• Be better prepared for the birth of your baby.
• Be better prepared to care for your baby.
• Contact CenteringPregnancy® at 330-480-3033

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